Our Mission

Our mission at Medgel is to ensure highest standards in quality, customer focused service, ethical functioning and maintaining a price advantage with a diligent focus on R&D.

Our Vision

To become a "technology driven", innovation centered and customer oriented multinational pharmaceutical company and our commitment is to provide Fast, Economical, Accurate and Professional services to all our customers.

Core Values

  • Achievement : We applaud achievement and strive towards our vision, with perseverance
  • Respect : We respect all our stakeholders
  • Knowledge :We value knowledge for it empowers our people to develop innovative solutions and to manage change
  • Honesty and Integrity : We perform our duties with extreme honesty and integrity

USP of Medgel

  • Inline drying technology for the first time in Asia
  • Facility complying to meet the US cGMP regulation
  • Built on strong R&D, ARD and F&D infrastructure
  • Unilateral flow of raw material and packing material.
  • Dedicated Air handling system
  • Well designed utilities like purified water, compressed air etc.